Our Native Daughters: Songs of Our Native Daughters review — devastating beauty from banjo supergroup ~ The Guardian

Rhiannon Giddens is Reclaiming the Black Heritage of American Folk Music ~ TIME article on Songs of Our Native Daughters

"The spirit and theme of the songwriting like that is new territory for Russell, and the same could be said for Kiah's Southern soul-rock number "Black Myself." Jabbing each line of the bluesy, mulish melody and supported by her bandmates' gospel-style harmonies, she depicts the simmering defiance of self-respect in the face of racism." ~ NPR review of Songs of Our Native Daughters

How Our Native Daughters Reimagine Folk Song Narratives ~ Rolling Stone article

“A very different spell was cast by Amythyst Kiah...who gave a standout performance in the evening’s only solo act. Her razor-sharp guitar picking alone guarantees her a place among blues masters, but it’s her deep-hued voice that can change on a dime from brushed steel to melted toffee that commands attention.” ~ The New York Times review from GlobalFest.

Amythyst Kiah finds a future by digging into America's musical past ~ Montreal Gazette interview

"In truth, she has rising talent written all over her. A 29-year-old with a striking shock of hair and a huskily expressive voice which modulates between strength and tenderness, Kiah strides comfortably across jazz, blues and even country styles." ~ The Scotsman gig review from Edinburgh

"Amythyst Kiah first performed an original song at her mother's funeral. Years later, and now a staple of the Edinburgh Jazz Festival, Kiah explains how technical ability and emotional intensity are the perfect combination..." ~ The List, Edinburgh Festival interview

"Amythyst Kiah is going to be famous...While Dig serves primarily as a calling card for Kiah, the best way to experience her music is in person. I don’t think it’s an understatement to say that Amythyst Kiah will remind you what it is to love live music." ~ No Depression album review of Dig

"Amythyst Kiah has a voice that could make the most unflappable of folk bawl bowling ball tears. (Steee-rike!) When paired with the natural rawness of the guitar or banjo, her voice claws at the plastic wrap to get at that nugget residing in the deepest recesses of everyone’s soul. The result feels like eating tomatoes in the garden. If this is what she can do on a record, I can’t wait to see her live." ~ Libro Musica Shaky Knees Artist Review

“Kiah is an important and innovative presence in contemporary traditional music. Describing herself as a “Southern Gothic, alt-country blues singer/songwriter,” Amythyst has a repertoire that honors tradition while crossing genres to illuminate many common threads.” ~ The Bluegrass Situation

“Though her voice is often full of fire, when she leans back and focuses on atmosphere, it creates the most exciting moments of the record.” ~ Afropunk album review for Dig

"In delivering her own mature, carefully-structured songs, Amythyst displayed the confidence to exploit her impressive vocal range without inhibition, assuming an almost spiritual presence. The tenor of her delivery held the room, with a welcome absence of audience chatter which blights so many gigs, her well-judged rhythmic percussive guitar picking the ideal accompaniment for her set." ~ Bluesandmoreagain

"Her music sounds like it could be the musical score to any number of westerns, and yet this oversimplifies Kiah’s talent. Her voice carries the weight of the performance, sultry and soaring, controlled and defiant. . . Kiah’s voice is reminiscent of Johnny Cash, but with the energy of the Black Keys. She sings of the expected themes of the old south but with a modern twist. . ." ~ Rainbow Exotic Music